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what does active ingredient mean

What does 'active' mean? The skincare Buzz word explained!


What does active mean?

The word “ACTIVE” ingredient is such an overused word that rarely gets explained, so we, the consumer can’t understand what it really means.

I will have a go at explaining it without too much scientific jargon in an attempt to impress you all! I could have had my formulation chemist write this, however I can tell that you would be reaching for a drink halfway through.

Basically, an ACTIVE ingredient is a scientifically, data proven, ingredient that works on a particular skin condition such as pigmentation, ageing, congestion etc. In a nutshell, it does SOMETHING! Results are likely to follow.

Active ingredients are those that have been chosen to have a specific effect on the skin, such as Caviar lime, which is found in our Super Citrus cleanser. This ingredient is active. It will target acne and is super high in Vitamin C, so it will support collagen production, plus so much more. Active ingredients were at the forefront of our mind when we created our incredible Skin Compost™ Range.

Non-active ingredients are ingredients that you may find in many cheap synthetic skin care ranges like water as the first ingredient. Fillers, talc, thickeners, synthetics fragrances and colours are all examples of non-active ingredients. They are there to make the product look pretty, smell nice or feel nice. They don’t actually do anything, and in some cases, they can actually do more harm than good.

As we like to say here at Eco Tan, “there is nothing beautiful about ugly ingredients."

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