Being Certified as Organic by the Organic Food Chain of Australia, we are strictly audited every year. Everything from our warehouse to our packaging to our storage. Every ingredient is highly scrutinised and audited from how it was sourced, grown and packaged. Our products are taken away to a lab, where chemists investigate and undertake many tests to confirm their purity and authenticity.

We work with highly regarded Organic chemists and even though Sonya comes up with the products and key ingredients, it really is a creative process where everyone has the same goal to source and create magic.

Being Organic, and especially Certified Organic, means we cannot contain anything synthetic, GMO’s, animal derivatives, herbicides or pesticides. We want the safest, more effective holy grail of ingredients found on the planet.

Our first choice of supply of Organic ingredients is always from Australia and if this is not possible, we research and source a particular ingredient from the best supplier in the world, we will track them down. We only partner with suppliers who align with our ethos and exceptional standards.

It is an exciting time in sustainable and responsible farming, as many archaic, deforestation practises are being frowned upon. It’s such a wonderful feeling to source an ingredient where you know it is providing a village, livelihood, education and health essentials to a community of dedicated environmentally minded farmers. Many of them are women. It’s like the world is finally waking up in this industry.