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Good face tanner

This is a good face tanner, but is very difficult to use with one’s regular skincare regimen! A EcoTan rep emailed me and said using there skincare is necessary. Something I don’t think should be necessary in any tanner. However, it does give one’s face a nice glow if you’re alright with foregoing your current regular skincare and skincare treatments used.

Nice Product

The Winter Skin is been very disappointing, after following the directions precisely my extremely fair skin tone expected more especially after using for 10 days straight. Sadly, my daughter and I are not getting any color payoff. Unless you’re looking for a Very Very Slight Color try another of the EcoTan product or elsewhere.

Hi Kat, try applying a bit more of the product. Ensure you are exfoliating 24- 48 hours prior to applying. Our organic tans attach to your dead skin cells - exfoliating 24-48 hours prior to applying will allow the correct amount of dead skin cells for the tan to attach to.

Face Tan Water™
Christina Imburgio

I’ve used a lot of different self-tanning products in the past, and this is my least favorite I’ve tried. It was definitely not worth it, the product claims it is non-comedogenic, but it broke me out (and I ruled out all other variables to know it was this product that broke me out). The color is slightly too yellow and unnatural looking, so it’s not for all skin types. There are too many steps to use it properly so it’s just too much work for very little color payoff. You have to pay shipping on returns, and this stuff is already so overpriced. They should have mini travel sizes you can purchase first for these kind of products, or free samples, which is why I’ll stick to Sephora. Disappointed I wasted this much money.

Hi Christina, you can do a patch test at your local stockist prior to purchasing. Face Tan Water is designed to do the complete opposite. It is non-comedogenic so it won't block your pores and contains anti acne ingredients that help fight blemishes.
I know when I add a new product into my skincare routine it can take a couple of weeks for my skin to adjust.

Invisible Tan®
Danielle Lenart
Excellent Glow!

I love this! My favorite self-tan that I have ever used. I was impressed by how clean the ingredients were and with the subtle aroma. To me, it just smells slightly rosy. The glow looks healthy and natural-not orangey or overwhelming. Will certainly buy again and explore more from the line.

Beautiful product!!!

I've never used a sunless tanner before, but wanted to fix some wacky tan lines I'd developed from working outside. So I did a fair amount of research on a non-toxic option, and this seemed like the best one. I was not disappointed!!! It looks so natural, and is easy to use. I bought the mitt to apply, plus the exfoliating mitt and also do double coats. If I really want a darker color, I'll apply again the next day. So to sum it up.... buy it! It's lives up to the hype!!!

Glory Oil™
Cynthia Golpe
Still Hoping...

Ater i came upon this ad, i was really eager to.purchase this. Last year, i tripped and fell and hurt my leg closed to my knee. The wound took awhile to heal. On top of rhat, when it started healing, it was so itchy that i started scratching the area around the wound that it created a scar. A huge brown mark or marks quite vivid. Ive been applying different creams and nothing helped. So, after reading the reviews, it gave me hope. Seeing the price, i felt confident this would work.
It's been a month since I've been applying diligently ... but i have seen probably 10% improvement only. Is this normal?
Im already almost out of the bottle. I apply morning and night. What can you recommend?the deep dark scar in the center never got lighter. I'm so sad.

Hi Cynthia, individual results will vary person to person. We recommend taking photos to track progress. x


I love this oil. It gives a shine magic on face, makes my hair shine and smooth, and I cannot wait until I see all my scars to be completely gone. Just purchased another 2, just to be safe. I just love it. I love how it's organic too, perfect.

I want to love it.

I switched from a different product where my skin was clear to your clear skin kit and unfortunately my skin has been breaking out worse than it has in over a year. I’m getting a lot of tiny white heads and cystic acne. I love the feel of the product though. It does leave my skin feeling soft and clean. It’s only been 2 weeks maybe I need to give it time? It’s just sad I went from clear skin to acne when making the switch. I choose this product for cleaner ingredients for my acne prone skin and I want it to work so bad! I don’t see a big difference with the face tan water yet either but I do love the hemp tan water for the body! Great results with that!

Hi Megan, make sure you are only using the Super Acai Exfoliator once or twice a week and use Glory Oil once a week as a treatment. When switching to a new skincare routine it can take a couple of weeks for your skin to adjust.
Apply Face Tan Water to a dry cleansed face. Wait for it to dry before applying moisturiser. For best results use Face Tan Water at different times of the day to your Glory Oil.
You can contact us at and we can assist you x

BEST. Great ingredients and the best tan available!

If you take your time, follow the instructions and apply according to directions you will not be disappointed. This product is the cleanest self tanner I've found and I love the results. There is a slight "self-tan" smell but there is not a single product on the market that won't have that smell. So for all of those complaining, it's just not possible to tan the skin in this way without that certain smell. This is a very subtle, tolerable scent. I apply hempitan immediately after an evening shower and sleep in it. I wake up to a beautiful natural looking tan once I shower off. Love this. And love the face water, too! Use it all year round. Thanks Eco Tan!

Glory Oil Review - Jade

I started using Glory oil after hormonal acne gave me horrible scarring. In just 6 months my skin is looking amazing and the scarring is barely noticeable.

Glory Oil™
K Miller
Had knee replacement surgery

I had knee replacement surgery this product works! I’m amazed at the way it was able to make my scar more presentable.

I am a Black American and our skin is highly susceptible to keyloiding. Truly I don’t think ECO Tan can remove keyloids, but I will say the full knee replacement scar got better as I continue to apply the product 2X a day for the last week in a half. THANK YOU for this product and giving me a piece of mind.

Clear Skin System
Tatyana Spravtseva
Used for 3 months

So the set I purchased is like this but the one I purchased isn't sold anymore, but it was supplied with the same exfoliator and glory oil. I'm disappointed in the products. The moisturizer I had was ok, but using the entire acne regime for 3 months did nothing, and on the contrary my acne is as bad as ever. I thought at LEAST the glory oil would do it for me, but there have been no improvements with my skin. Kind of disappointed as the set is not cheap. :(

Hi Tatyanna, make sure you are only exfoliating once or twice a week and try using the Glory Oil as a treatment once a week. You can contact us at and we can assist you x

Winter Skin®
Winter Skin Review - Priscilla

I’m loving this slow gradual tan without the harmful rays of the sun. Winter Skin is my new favourite nourishing, self tanning lotion! Effortlessly build to a beautiful glow for gorgeous sun kissed glow in a matter of days, without the sun’s harmful rays! Or use it to keep your tan going.

Clear Skin System Review - Abbie

I’ve been using the Clear Skin System and Super Citrus Toner for just over 8 months now and my hormonal acne has finally cleared. After 10 years of struggling with acne and countless medications, creams and harsh skin care, nothing helped my skin until I tried the Eco products. I’m so thankful these were recommended to me, as I finally feel confident in my own skin!

Great Results!

This is by far the BEST self tanning product out there! I have tried them all! It's about experimenting with what works for you. Yes, exfoliating is number one. I purchased the application mitt and an exfoliating cloth. It worked well with just a few missed spots that I then went over with a cotton pad and the spray. It all worked out. The second time I decided to just use my hands and sprayed some on my body moisturizer and WOW! It worked the best for me. I didn't miss a spot since it blended with the moisturizer. The tan is buildable and the odor is minimal which is also great. I wanted to take my time and get to the darkness that I thought best. It works so well and I am very happy with my purchase. It goes without saying that the really best part of this product is the fact that it doesn't contain all the nasty chemicals that can harm us down the line. So, thank you for the benefit of a glorious tan and the peace of mind that it is safe. Great work!


I bought the hydration system and I absolutely love it! The cleanser smells amazing. The compost face mask is so so good. The only downer to the system is that you can only use the exfoliator once or twice a week ;)
I would buy over and over again. Its worth the buy!!!!

Face Tan Water Review - Emily

Just wanted to let you know that your Face Tan Water is amazing! I haven’t been able to find any product in 1.5 years that has helped with my closed comedonal/fungal acne at all. I bought this prodict hoping that the tan effect would help to mask my acne and make me feel more confident, which it has. BUT somehow, and I’m not sure which ingredient it is, this product has helped to CLEAR my acne?! I’m in love!

Glory Oil™
Crystal Foster
Glory oil review

I love this oil. I have tried Epionce priming oil, Bio-oil and other oils before but find them to clog my pores. I’m so impressed with this product.

Glory Oil Review - Jane

Just emailing to let you know how wonderful and efficient your Glory Oil is. I broke my leg that required surgery and once the staples came out two weeks after surgery I started to apply Glory Oil once a day to my wound. The results have been outstanding. Thank you again for your wonderful product!

Face Tan Water - Sarah

Omg!! I just want to say how much I love your Face Tan Water! I’m a fake tan addict and I recently came across an article saying how bad typical fake tans can be for your skin and cause hormonal imbalance. Since trying out your tan, my skin has been so clear and so glowy. I’ve had so many compliments!! It’s made me feel so much better about using fake tan now I know it’s not full of nasty chemicals. An added bonus is the smell! I love it so much and will continue to keep ordering it - all the way from Scotland! Thank you so much and I am super glad I found you!

Clear Skin System Review - Tess

Less then a year of using your products, and my acne has dramatically cleared up!!! It was so red, raw and irritating. I had no self confidence whatsoever and wouldn’t leave the home without makeup on. I’ve been to dermatologists, on roaccutane, received needling and many dermalogical treatments, creams, prescriptions, all before using Eco by Sonya, and in the 13 years of having problematic acne and scarring, these are the most amazing and consistent results I have experienced!!! Now my skin has cleared up, and I’m on my journey to feeling more comfortable and confident in my own skin. I highly recommend your products to so many family members and friends!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Glory Oil Review - Kiana

Can I just say how amazing your Glory Oil is!!!!! I recently burnt myself with a steamer and had a gnarly burn mark on my wrist. Afraid it was going to scar, I purchased your Glory Oil. I’m not even kidding after 2 days the burn started to rapidly heal! And then after a week it was fully healed. I’m now on day 11 of using it and I’m sooo impressed, it’s almost completely gone. Thank you, thank you!

Hydration Skin System™️
Hydration Skin System Review - Ivory

I’ve always suffered from acne and really bad skin and I’ve been using your products for maybe a week and my skin has nearly completely cleared up!


I used this one other time and it barely showed up. The second time I exfoliated 24 hours before and used the tanning glove. My legs are streaky and I have random blotches. Before using this I’ve always I loved their invisible tan. it’s amazing! This time I wanted to try something new. Definitely wish I stuck with invisible tan. Super bummed that I spent money on this and wish I could get a refund .

Hi Jaclyn, it's all in the application. Start from your ankles and work your way up. Go slow ensuring that you don't miss any spots. We also have tutorials on our website! x

Glory Oil Review - Diana

I’ve been using Glory Oil morning and night for the last month or so. I have rosacea and the type which gives me bumps/pimple type breakouts, not just a slight redness. I’ve been on antibiotics for years. I reduced the antibiotics to twice weekly whilst on Glory Oil. Usually this would not make any difference to my skin but… my skin has finally started to ‘heal’. I was SO sceptical, but I’m a convert.