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Best moisturizer ever Coconut Body Milk

Omg. This is the best moisturizer I’ve ever used. It’s non greasy and my skin soaks it up leaving me soft and supple. I even use it all over my Face. Love it 🥰

Must Have

This is the absolute best product. I genetically have dark under-eye circles. Of all the different products that claim to diminish them, this is the product that really does work; and its natural! I will keep buying this as long as Eco keeps selling it. The results show immediately, yet the darkness also lightens over time, as well. I use such a tiny amount and I use it daily. It really will last a long time and my skin keeps getting more healthy every time I put it on. You will be so happy with this product.

Just what I was looking for!

I love these little face cloths. They dry quickly and take up very little space while hanging. The organic cotton is an added bonus.

Too smelly

I am using this sunscreen for a while but the only thing that I don’t like is too smelly.

Hi Salina, thanks for your feedback! Our Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 doesn't contain any synthetic fragrances and many people love the natural scent, however we understand that everyone is different.


Please please go back to the glass bottles!!!

Have been loyal to this product but disappointed that the integrity of the packaging has changed. I wasn’t worried about what the plastic added to it in transit before. If you’re making a quality product, why ruin it with what the packaging might leak in?

Hi Jaymee, thanks for your feedback! We are always looking for ways to be as eco-friendly as possible, so our new Face Tan Water packaging is made from post-consumer recycled materials. If you've had an issue with the way your order arrived, please email :)

Serum Of Clear
Millie M
Amazing products!!

I just want to say a massive thank you to your products that have helped clear my acne and scaring, restore moisture and even my skin tone.

I have struggled with acne for many years now and was putting all sorts of nasty chemicals on the in and outside of my body thinking it was the only way to help clear my skin. I have become more conscious of the ingredients I use on my body and have tried so many other natural products that are simply just a waste of money. This product is my newest addition and was certainly a game changer

I can’t thank your products enough!!

I have been using your products for a few years now but this year I have been strict with my skin care routine and my skin has never looked and felt better. I have regained my confidence and don’t confide in wearing makeup to hide my blemishes. Again, I can’t thank your products enough for clearing my skin and for helping me find my confidence again.

Absolutely 5 stars!

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my recent purchase of the full makeup range.
I am legally blind and I normally do my makeup by feel with my fingers.
I was nervous to try your brush set with the new makeup, but the instructions made It soo simple and easy.
I just want to say Thankyou so much, I feel so happy and confident in my new makeup today

Glides on the skin

Love this super natural brown colour and how creamy and easy it is to apply. I've also used it as an eyebrow pencil when in a pinch and must say... it worked even better than I expected. Very impressed.

Love this so much.

I originally bought this to use with the other lipsticks in the range, but I found that it's also amazing to use on its own if you just want a pop of colour on your lips without drying them out. It's become a staple in my make-up routine.

OBSESSED with this red!

I'm always sceptical about bold colour lipsticks because they rarely stay on and dry out my lips, but this is actually the perfect red lipstick. It's hydrating and doesn't need to be touched up very often, even after eating/drinking. I love it!

Wish it had a mister spray in it

Love the product but it would be so much easier to apply with a sprayer on it!
Please consider.

Hi Sue, so glad to hear that you're loving your Face Tan Water! We've found that a spray pump makes it harder to get an even tan. Try applying using a clean make-up brush if you don't want to use your fingers :)

Dreamy eyeshadow color mix!

Love love love this palette! So easy to create a natural eyeshadow look to elevate my day to day appearance!! The steps on the packaging are also so unique - love the innovation again Eco Tan!

Perfect color lipstick!

I've been looking for a perfect everyday lipstick shade and have just found it with Miami Rose! I've found that it's super moisturising and wears all day long. Also love that its natural!! Another winner Eco By Sonya Driver!

Pretty good

I got the kit with the exfoliator and mitt. Wow does that exfoliator exfoliate!! I have sensitive skin so I'm delicate on my chest and any areas that I may have broken skin. The tanner itself is good. I have very light, redish tone skin and it looks very natural. I'm still struggling with getting it perfectly even and not getting orange feet.... but no one notices unless I point it out. Everyone compliments how natural it work. I will say it does irritate my skin if there is a cut and I think it makes my armpits tingle can't seem to figure out what's going on there. I usually use 1 coat but went for 2 when I went on vacation. Overall will purchase again.

Hi Maddie! Glad to hear you're loving your goodies! We recommend exfoliating on wet skin to make the scrub a bit more gentle if needed! You can also pop some Body Milk on feet/elbows/other difficult areas prior to tanning to help it glide on evenly :) Give this a try and see how you go!

Love the Product. Hate the packaging.

As a consistent returning customer, I’m disappointed that Face Tan Water used to be packaged in a glass bottle and is now being packaged in plastic. I was willing to pay this price for the glass bottle but not for plastic garbage. I know you’re just trying to get more money for your product by using cheaper packaging, but for a company that claims to be eco friendly and has ECO in the name of their product, I’m extremely disheartened. I love this product so much! Please return to using glass bottles and I will continue to purchase. Thank you!

Hi Tracy! Our packaging is made from post-consumer recycled materials, as we try to be as sustainable as possible! We also encourage you to recycle or repurpose the bottle once you are finished with it :)


I LOVE the eye compost - Jennie (see review ;) and I have constantly been sharing with each other our favorite EcoTan products & she got me hooked on this one. It makes my skin look so dewy, smells divine and feels so nice on the skin, I would describe it as light - but not quite as light as the oil free moisturizer, & not as heavy as an oil so non-comedogenic but still gives a beautiful glow. So it's perfect for my skin. I've only used it for a couple weeks so we will see how it improves from here, but so far I'm in love. I agree and really wish it did come in a bigger size!

What is the difference with the solutions?

Can someone please explain the difference between Burleigh Bronze and Rich Honey? Thanks in advance.

Hi Bailey, these are our two amazing, organic Professional Solutions! Burleigh Bronze offers gorgeous deep, earthy brown tones while Rich Honey provides a beautiful, golden bronze tan!

Serum of Plenty Review - Anjelica

absolutely outstanding, i used them lastnight after cleansing and i noticed instantly (not influencer instant, actual real life instant) my skin felt soo amazing, so hydrated and skin was instantly smoother and my complexion improved dramatically i couldn't actually beleive it, even my fiance said my face was super smooth, waking up today i looked fresher and a few of my problem areas were drastically improved..
Such outstandings products.
Thank you for creating liquid gold❤


I've been using this face sunsreen for about a month...daily! Has a soft flower smell when you put it on your fingers but once on, you can't smell anything. It goes on so silky and smooth. Dries fast and NO greasy feel. I don't even know its on. I love knowing that there are no harsh chemicals in this. This is definitely a product I will use in my daily makeup routine forever!

Face Tan Water

Face tan water has changed my whole makeup routine. I no longer wear foundation!! This product even outs my skin tone and keeps my skin looking so tan. During summer months I just apply more to have a deeper tan and other seasons I just wear less. This and glory oil are my life!! ♥

Glory Oil Review - Eden

Glory Oil has been a game changer for my daughters face healing journey. It has helped to reduce thick scar tissue and lighten the colouring of the scar so far. It is gentle with perfect ingredients to promote healing. I feel confident applying it to her face as there is no chemicals damaging the new skin.

Serum of Clear Review - Sally

Have been using both on my teenagers acne and the improvements after a week are amazing. We have tried so many other expensive products, and nothing has worked like this. 🥰

Eye Compost
Game changer

This product is a total game changer! I bought it once to try and regretted not buying 5 more because it went out of stock immediately and I saw my under eyes change drastically after one bottle. I don’t have super dark circles under my eyes but I saw the skin brighten up and tighten. I’m 30 so I feel like depending on my skincare and dietary choices things can go one of two ways from here. I will admittedly also use this on my entire face sometimes because it just does something magical when I wake up the next morning. Please keep this in stock and please make a larger size!!!

Invisible Tan
Connie Combs
Nice product, takes practice

Appreciate the natural and human health ethos of this company. The product is great, but FYI, harder to use than the instructions suggest. Just try it on yourself a couple of times before youre actually out showing skin. It goes on clear, which makes it tough to tell if it's been spread evenly, and takes a long time to dry and reveal how thickly you've applied it to different areas. It works really well though, just takes some practice and patience. I'm very pale (bordering translucent) and medium looks very close to the natural sun tan I usually get by the end of summer.