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Professional tanning - it’s not as scary as you think!

Professional tanning - it’s not as scary as you think!

When I think of professional tanning, I think of all the moments it got me through. My school formal, weddings, birthdays and every other big major life events.  

Once I was on the professional tanning train, I couldn’t get off! But it took me a lot to get there…

For some reason unknown by me, I was always scared of a professional tan. But my worries were valid. I was always petrified of how awkward it was going to be standing practically naked in front of a stranger 😧, but my ultimate biggest fear was turning out like an Oompa Loompa. Don’t lie to me, we’ve all seen a bad tan! 

It wasn’t until the summer of 2018 that I got over those fears. It was my first school dance ever! (Pretty big deal to me back then 😂) and growing up with what my friends called “the tan mum” I was an expert at all things fake tanning. I had done it a million times before, but of course on the day of my first important event EVER, I botch my self tan (I nearly had a breakdown). 

Sonya was there to save the day! With our little tan machine in our garage & some of our rich honey solution for a subtle glow, she went on to spray my botched areas, both crossing our fingers hoping it would work, (and of course, it always did).

From then on I would only get professional tans for my most important events, or when I wanted to treat myself, because honestly it was a lot more fun then fake tanning by yourself and I always turn out beautifully bronzed

Moral of the story is, GET THAT PROFESSIONAL TAN! It’s not as scary as you think and you will be left with a natural looking fake tan

Bonus points if you use our organic spray tans! 

Some of my favourite things about a professional spray tan are:

  • you’re in & out - it’s super quick & super fun! 
  • When using our organic tanning solutions you’ll never come out looking orange or with that gross ‘fake tan’ smell (we all know it!) 👏
  • Fades naturally without becoming patchy 
  • Skin loving ingredients as our tans are organic and natural. 

So get your friends together, a bottle of wine & have a spray tan party - you’ll never want to stop! 

Charlotte x 


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