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Peri, During, and Post Menopause

Peri, During, and Post Menopause


While this is a bit uncomfortable, I’m just embracing that I’m an over sharer. Apparently it’s a part of my self diagnosed ADHD. But there’s no shame in menopause. If we’re lucky enough, all women go through it. So let’s normalise this part of human existence. I went through menopause at 48, the same age as my mother. And there's some things I want to tell you from my experience. Keep in mind everyone is different.

  1. Perimenopause was a hell of a lot tougher than post menopause for me.
  1. Every day I still have a fleeting thought of "do I need more estrogen, or go to a naturopath to alleviate some of the symptoms that I’ve never really adapted to?" This battle still continues…
  1. I’m 56 and it was only just last week that I’ve accepted this extra 15 kilos. In other words I went out and bought clothes that fit “this body”, hired a brand new startup lady that does a wardrobe makeover with clothes I already have, by putting outfits together, and working out my new style for my “new body shape”. Before that I was in complete denial.

Here are some symptoms that suck and how I’m working on fixing them:

The mood: I’ve always been a high energy positive person. Something shifted in menopause and I have to really fight for endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine. They used to be there naturally and now I have to fight for happy hormones.

I listen to podcasts, go for walks, do a bit of running (which is harder now that I’m carrying a few extra kilos), meditation. I have to have tiny simple touch points (like a feather I found on the road, that I put somewhere to give me a moment of awareness, and bring me back to peace).

The other thing I noticed is itchy dry skin. I’ve really noticed that the skin on my arms and legs audibly sigh when I use Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub and Coconut Body Milk on both, so soothing. I never had to moisturise my body in my 20s and 30s.

I’ve always had oily skin on my face, which does help to keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay, however post menopause my skin definitely feels thicker with dead skin layers, drier, and more crepey. So I’m obsessed with using two products that I would rather lose my phone than lose: Super Acai Exfoliator and Serum of Clear (these are both in the Hydration Skin System).

I finish this message to you guys with 100% truth. I have the golden elixir. You need a bottle of this and keep it under lock and key. It is of course our beautiful organic Glory Oil. It is the most nourishing oil – especially if you are going through menopause. I use it for all the dry areas - hands, nails, feet face, scalp, hair, as a makeup remover, and sounds strange but those in menopause will understand, dry itchy ears!

You are beautiful no matter what season you're in. You got this.

- Sonya x



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