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Are you doing an Intuitive skin routine?

Are you doing an Intuitive skin routine?


I trust your intuition, you should too!

We always try not to have a step by step, "you must do it this way", approach to our organics.

The reason why is because we know the power you’s called your intuition.

Let me explain - a rule of thumb is a double cleanse morning and night, right?? Well, some people like to add Glory Oil to their cleanser as they might live in a cold climate, and they find an oil cleanser suits their skin better.

I normally exfoliate with Super Acai Exfoliator once a week on Sundays, just because it’s my routine...doesn’t make it right. This Sunday I felt like not exfoliating and instead to give my skin a deep moisturising soothing treatment with our organic Face Compost Purple Power Mask.  I added some Glory Oil to the mask to give it a good drenching. My skin was vibrating afterwards. I trusted my intuition.

I personally feel we don’t give our gut feeling, intuition enough credit and we tend to think marketing companies know what’s best for us. This goes with many things!

So, I have started to pause and stop and connect to myself and use my intuition for what is best for my body, mind, spirit.

Another example, the weather has turned cold, and heating is starting to go on. My lips were tight and had a burnt feeling from the wind, air conditioning etc. I went to grab my Glory Lips however instead I felt I needed to exfoliate them first. I was right! The dead, dry skin was removed, and my lips left born again!

Trust yourself. How is your skin feeling?

Do you need more oil?

Do you need exfoliation?

Do you need a dark circle eye hack?

Take back your power, you are so brave, wise and worthy. X

Trust your gut


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