Debunking Myths!

Let us debunk some of those common myths....

1.  Oil is bad for oily skin

All skin needs moisture, but we can understand why our oily-skin friends might be reluctant to apply what seems to be even MORE oil. We’re here to tell you a little known secret though- some oils can actually help you produce less natural oils by regulating and balancing the skin.

Our Glory Oil is super lightweight and absorbs quickly. You won’t feel like you’ve just worked a 12 hour shift at KFC, instead your skin will feel supple, smooth and deeply nourished!

2.  Exfoliating will dry my skin out

We get it. While exfoliating can be super fun and satisfying, the roughness and intensity can make you feel like you’ve just stripped your skin of all its natural goodness. Our exfoliators are made with cold pressed super seed oils that moisturise and nourish the skin while restoring the natural skin barrier. We promise you won’t have that dry, tight feeling that has you running to the moisturiser.

3.  Fake tans will stain my sheets

Ahhh. Our biggest tanning pet peeve. You go to sleep feeling like a bronzed goddess, and wake up in a heap of Dorito dust stained sheets. Real classy. If this sounds like a 2000 nightmare to you, that’s because it is! If you’re not using a stain-free tanner these days you’re missing out big time. We don’t need to use nasty food dyes and synthetic tanners anymore. We’re living in the future baby! NONE of our tans will stain your sheets, clothes or towels. Do your teenage self a favour and make the switch to our natural, stain-free tans.